Our last book in the Journal des Libertés

The new French quarterly JOURNAL DES LIBERTES has published in his last issue Winter 2018 a paper dealing with ICREI’s 10th book “Environmental Entrepreneurship” (Libre Echange Publisher, April 2019) . Some 20 papers, In English or French, are all presented with bilingual abstracts and are the product of the 10th international conference held in Aix[…]

Mouly: Property and the Environment

I had the privilege of meeting Professor Christian Mouly a few years before his untimely death at 47 He did us the honour to speak at our first conference of Aix en Provence in June 1996 and its brilliant communication ‘The place of ownership among the human rights’ had moderated a debate including Jean-Yves Cherot,[…]

Best wishes for 2019

Our association, founded in 1992, has experienced financial difficulties in recent years that have hampered its development and even threatened its existence. Our research for a new leadership, initiated in 2014, is about to succeed: Christian Buson, PhD in agronomy, founder-president of an environmental research and studies bureau, has agreed to assume the presidency of[…]

Who killed ecology?

The title of this book (Who killed ecology ?) sums up its goal: this is a pamphlet well documented and well written by seasoned journalist that denounces the practices and the objectives of the major “green” associations. Limited to the French situation this analysis probably does fit many nations. Hypocrisy and money too often distort[…]

Response to radical environmentalism

Response to radical environmentalism : “How knowledge makes it possible to refute sustained fears”. Under the direction of Christian Buson. Preface by Claude Allègre. This collective work paves the way for a new vision: the introduction of science in the service of environmental management and the refusal of to take for granted the propaganda of[…]

You need to know PERC

If you want to know “All about Free Market Environmentalism” PERC is the best source of information. Several “Founding fathers “came and spoke at our Aix International Conferences: Jane and Richard Stroup, John Baden…, and Terry Anderson whose book “Free Market Environmentalism” sums up theory and practice. “Founded in 1980 by a handful of outdoor-oriented[…]

Re-arm common sense

This is a major book, which despite a disappointing presentation due to self-publishing, should know a great success and be translated into English. Written by a scientist it makes available to the non specialist informations necessary for the understanding of the deformation of the most false and dangerous environmental policies for humanity. Less controversial than[…]

Ostrom’s Law: Property in the Commons

Elinor Ostrom’s work has immeasurably enhanced legal scholars’understanding of property. Although the richness of these contributions cannotbe distilled into a single thesis, their flavor can be captured in a maxim I call Ostrom’s Law: A resource arrangement that works in practice can work in theory .Ostrom’s scholarship challenges the conventional wisdom by examininghow people interact[…]

Liberty, Markets, and Environmental Values

Mark Pennington is a professor at University of London and worked for many years at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) which was able to give a theoretical basis to the policy of Margaret Thatcher. This long essay transfers management of environmental proposals of Pennington in urban planning (including Liberating the Land, 2002)… Critical of[…]