Ecology, yes, Greens, no

A useful booklet with some 20 contributions,  published by the French Taxpayers’ Association ” Ecology, yes, Greens, no” which should be widely circulated in quasi socialist France where political parties of all stripes are more or less under influence of Greenies. For instantce the “Precautionary Principle ” has been introduced in the French Constiution by the so called Conservative !

For a responsible energy transition

This new book (in French) deals with future energy policy debated  at the  European and national levels. Explaining what is at stake it contributes to workable solutions. Jean-Pierre Hauet, a top French and international consultant, came and spoke at our 7th International Conference “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Climate Change and Air Pollution” (2008). His contribution was quite stimulating and Read more about For a responsible energy transition[…]