“Environmentalism: the end of illusions”

The reading of this excellent book of Christian Gerondeau, (Le Toucan Publisher , 2012, 300 pp.) is likely to convince those who are hesitant to believe in the reality of climate change and the responsibility for CO2 emissions. But beyond the central problem of global warming C. Gerondeau discusses the role of the public authorities[…]

Pope Francis and the Economics of the Environment

We already noted that The Independent Institute has devoted its delivery of “The Independent Review, a Journal of Political Economy “( winter 2017, 150 p.) to the review of the new policy of the economy such as proposed by the Encyclical ‘Laudato Si. Among the 7 contributions Philip Booth’s one , Director of the Institute[…]


Environmentalists are increasingly confronted with two emerging ideas about the natural world: that there is no balance of nature, and that nature cannot be easily separated, if at all, from human action. Many are now embracing a new reality—known as the “Anthropocene”—reflecting the magnitude of human influences over the planet. The Anthropocene implies a new[…]