Two new books published by ICREI

“Property rights, Economics and Environment: Agriculture and Forestry“,  M. Falque and H. Lamotte, editors This book is the 9th one dealing with the proceedings of the biannual   International Conferences held in Aix en Provence since 1996. The second is “L’eau entre réglementation et marché” (in French, Water, between  regulation and markets), Max Falque, editor, in collaboration[…]

Earth Day … 34th anniversary

Since nobody seems to care…I take the opportunity to tell an anecdote. April 22nd 1971 I was attending Ian McHarg’s studio at the University of Pennsylvania. Unexpectedly soft drinks, coffee and cookies were offered. I asked a fellow student why such a bounty ; he explained me that we were celebrating the first anniversary of[…]

“Divergent Mineral Rights Regimes: a natural experiments in Canada and the US yields lessons”

The Fraser Institute (Canada) has just published a major report dealing with the different evolution of the interpretation of the Common Law. After reviewing the literature, they found two key differences between the two mineral rights systems. The first is that in Canada, minerals arereserved by the provinces, while in the US minerals are either associatedwith surface[…]

“After 10 years of criticism: what is left of De Soto’s ideas” by Paul van der Molen

I guess that this abstract will encourage those who read the “Mystery of Capital“, the best seller of Hernando de Soto published in 2000 should read this article by Paul van der Molen. “In this book De Soto  advocates that politicians take measures to provide the informal sector with access to the formal economy by the granting formal property[…]