Water between regulation and market

“L’eau entre règlementation et marché”, Max Falque, editor “Water between regulation and market” deals with a global key issue and 16 contibutors discuss the ooportunity of new tools. Several papers have been translated from English into French but originals are available upon request. This book is the outcome of a collaboration between the French Water Agency and Read more about Water between regulation and market[…]

Harmonizing Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity in 2014

John Baden is one of the pionner of Free Market  Environmentalism in the US and played a major role in the foundation of ICREI.  He recalls our first meeting in Aix en Provence in 1985. As others top leaders  such as Richard Stroup, Terry Anderson, Fred Smith, RJ Smith…. he mixes  intellectual research with spreading Read more about Harmonizing Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity in 2014[…]