Economic and Legal Theory

Asserson Walker
The Economists in the Garden:The Historical Roots of Free Market Environmentalism – 156Ko
Cordato Roy
An Austrian Theory of Environmental Economics – 149Ko
Desrochers Pierre
The Invisible Green Hand – 4436Ko
Dolan Edwin G.
Science, Public Policy, and Global Warning : Rethinking the Market Liberal Position – 133Ko
Falque, Max
Free Market Environmentalism in france : A Difficult Challenge – 133Ko
Le Pourhiet Anne-Marie 
Property law From the sacred to the profane – 198Ko
Morris Julian
Climbing Out of the Hole: Sunsets, Subjective Value, the Environment and the English Common Law – 242Ko
Ridley Matt and Low Bobbi S.
Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution – 160Ko
Yandle Bruce
Coase, Pigou, and Environmental Rights – 28Ko