About ideas that spoil our living: food, climate, progress, ecology

At last a loud and clear message against the nonsense theory of political deep ecology advocating a radical change of social institutions i.e.: de-growth, tyranny, poverty, Malthusianism, catastrophism, hate of humanity, Co2 free economy …. on behalf of global warming, biodiversity and Gaia. The author, Sylvie Brunel has a large experience in world geography and[…]

Deep ecology, a new totalitarianism?

Thierry Godefredi , Belgian philosopher and lawyer just published a new book “Ecologisme: un nouveau totalitarisme?” (Textquis Publisher, 175  pp. 9 € – “Deep ecology, a new totalitarianism”) The author’s paramount interrogation is should deep ecology inplies abandoning individual liberty and democracy ? Of course Communism  is  responsible for mass murder but put the liberation[…]