25 Myths that are Destroying the Environment

For decades, environmental scientist and conservationist Daniel B. Botkin has studied the world around us. He has traveled the globe observing nature and the human impact on the environment, and now he has collected his keen observations into this accessible and informative book. 25 Myths that are Destroying the Environment – What many environmentalists believe[…]

The Future of the Commons

In 1984 I happened to read 2 papers from E. and V. Ostrom in “Managing the Commons” edited by Baden and Hardin( Freeman 1977) but I first heard of Ostrom’s famous book « Governing the Commons » when meeting with Roger Bates, Julian Morris and Michael De Alessi in June 1999 at the Institute of Economic Studies[…]

“Liberty and the Environment” by Ronald Bailey

Ronald Bailey discusses the compatibility of liberty and environmental conservation though “the orthodox view among ecologists is that human liberty , more specifically economic activity and fee markets, is to blame” not to speak of overpopulation. Facts demonstrate that only affluent countries with rule of law protect and improve their environment though countries with weak[…]