Matt Ridley: “War against chemicals is a shame on science”

We encourage you to read this paper which deals with 3 very controversial issues: Reauthorization by EU of glyphosate-Round up; Insect abundance decay in Germany; Media, Green, NGOs and Science swindling and/or corruption. Matt Ridley is one of the world top journalists for environmental scientific issues and author of many famous books among them “The[…]

Max Falque in the French Rotary Club’s magazine

“Le Rotarien”, the monthly magazine of some 33,000 members of the 1 000 French Rotary clubs has just published (August 2017) an article by Max Falque : “Are Environmental policies against nature?” (Des politiques environnementales contre nature ? in French). The author advocates alternative and/or complementary solutions to countless regulations less and less effective and[…]