Yes ! France is a paradise for entrepreneurs 

Yes !  France is a paradise for entrepreneurs, Plon actualité, 276 p. 2016 This book, written by Fabrice Cavaretta, professor at ESSEC Business School demonstrates that entrepreneurship is a long French tradition. Of course central government and bureaucrats are too often obstacles but also offer opportunities. The author presents many success stories from which he proposes[…]

A new book by Max Falque

Max Falque has just published a new book which is clearly non conformist. As a matter of fact it is a collection of ten major papers he published between 1973 and 2005. Based on publications by luminaries such as Tocqueville, Bastiat, Hardin, Ostrom, Coase , Baden, Lepage, Anderson, Yandle, Epstein  …Max Falque advocates using property[…]