Liberty, Markets, and Environmental Values

Mark Pennington is a professor at University of London and worked for many years at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) which was able to give a theoretical basis to the policy of Margaret Thatcher. This long essay transfers management of environmental proposals of Pennington in urban planning (including Liberating the Land, 2002)… Critical of[…]

Paths to property

This booklet (111 pp) published by IEA in 2007 is a wonderful introduction to the key role of property rights for development The authors states that “Sub-Saharan Africa has received tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid over the last fifty years, yet economic development has remained elusive. In many countries absolute poverty has[…]

The underestimated importance of property

Pierre Bessard is Director of the Liberal Institute, a Swiss think tank located in Geneva and Zurich. This text has the merit to replace property rights in their historical, intellectual and moral dimensions. ” Property is the founding principle that protects freedom, the foundation of human value” and allows to reconcile conflicting interests and guarantee[…]

A major plea for the moral ground and philosophical justification for using private property for the environment: a libertarian perspective

The right to private property is an indisputably valid, absolute principle of ethics, argues Hoppe, and the basis for civilizational advance. Indeed, it is the very foundation of social order itself. To rise from the ruins of socialism and overcome the stagnation of the Western welfare states, nothing will suffice but the uncompromising privatization of[…]