They lost their mind

“ILS ONT PERDU LA RAISON” (“They lost their mind”) This book (225 pp.) the full title of which is “They are mad, why do governments take the wrong decisions” is authored by Jean de Kervasdoué a former adviser to the French Socialist party. He observes that now green politics is no longer based on science[…]

Economic Freedom and Air Quality

The Fraser Institute, a major Canadian think tank located in Vancouver has just released an important report (40 p.) stressing that “Economic freedom is one of the main drivers of economic prosperity… Economic institutions that contribute to economic freedom may actually lead to a cleaner environment at the same time” as illustrated by the Environmental Kuzntz Curve[…]

“The World’s Resources aren’t running out”

In the WSJ (April 24th) Matt Ridley demonstrates and confirms that  resource depletion does not stand the test of history and facts. Since Malthus thousands of papers and books explain that we are on the  verge of overexploitation, for instance the Club of Rome’s 1970 famous   “Limits to growth” Viscount Matt Ridley, hereditary peer at the Chamber[…]