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008_Travel_3200x2125_all-free-download.com The The International Center for Research on Environmental Issues (ICREI pour l’International Center for Research on Environmental Issues)  was set up in Paris (1992) under the leadership of Alain Madelin and Henri Lepage by a group of French economists and lawyers who, in conjunction with foreign colleagues, aimed to spread publications and conduct research on new resource economics i.e. using property rights and market transactions, assessing the net impact of social regulations, using the principle of responsibility and promoting institutional arrangements for a free society. Accordingly, several meetings were set up in the premises of Assemblée Nationale from 1992 to 1995 inviting top speakers to discuss the pros and cons of such an approach. Most conferences have been recorded and transcripts are available.

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Guy Molle - La fontaine des 4 dauphins - Aix-en-Provence - France

Guy Molle – La fontaine des 4 dauphins – Aix-en-Provence – France

In 1996, under the chairmanship of Alain Madelin and Michel Massenet, Conseiller d’Etat, Dean Jean-Pierre Centi at the University Paul Cézanne (Aix en Provence) and Max Falque, International Consultant and Deputy manager of ICREI, it was decided to organize every two years an international conference dealing with each environmental resource with the perspective of non-regulatory tools i.e. property rights and markets. In 1996, the conference discussed general concepts and ethics ; in 1998, it dealt with Water ; in 2000 the theme was Marine Resources, in 2002, Coastal Zone , in 2004 Wastes, in 2006 Land Resources, in 2008 Climate change and air pollution, in 2010 Biodiversity and in 2012 Agriculture and Forestry.



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Diversified private and public funding is a guarantee for intellectual freedom and free speech.
Each conference requires a specific biannual budget of some $ 250 000 in order to set up and implement the conference and publish the proceedings

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