25 January 2016

1998 Conference

IInd International Conference

Property rights, economics and environment: Water Resources
July 1998



Conference Proceedings


The book is available in French but some articles in English are downloadable :

Property Rights and U.S. Water Quality Management, by Bruce Yandle

The rising tide of water markets, by Terry L. Anderson

Institutional Evolution Toward Water Trading, by Tom Jones

Ownership and decision making in Finnish lake fisheries: owners vs. users, by Riku Varjopuro, Pekka Salmi and Keikki Auvinen

The role of Property and the influence of Institutions on the Efficiency of the Allocation of Water in South Africa, by Roger Bate

Management of water resources : views of a Swedish owner, by Baron Johan Nordenfalk

Landowners as stewards of water resources, by Dr. Alan Woods.