Property rights and the environment in the european context

In a collective work, Barbara Pozzo presents an analysis of the multiple relationships and links that exist between the right of property and the right to a safe environment.

The first part contains three introductory chapters sketching out the scenario in an historical and compartive law perspective:

  • Property rights in the defence of nature, a comparative law analysis by B. Pozzo
  • Actual meaning of the distinction between private and public property by A. Gambaro
  • Use of property as an instrument to protect the environment by Valentina Jacometti.

The second part includes a questionnaire and the answers given by thirteen European juridictions, the idea is to sort out the different points of contact between private property and environmental protection.

“The Common Core of European Private Law: the Trento project” under the leadership of Professors Bussani and Mattei is parallel to our own endeavor since Barbara Pozzo participated to our International Conferences in 1996 and 1998.

Barbara Pozzo (dir.), Property and Environment: old and new remedies to protect natural resources in the European context, Stâmpfli Publishers, 2007.