Earth Day … 34th anniversary

eath1Since nobody seems to care…I take the opportunity to tell an anecdote. April 22nd 1971 I was attending Ian McHarg’s studio at the University of Pennsylvania. Unexpectedly soft drinks, coffee and cookies were offered.

I asked a fellow student why such a bounty ; he explained me that we were celebrating the first anniversary of the famous meeting which took place at the near by Fairmount Park . This guy had a “Stop at Two” badge and I apologized that a third baby has just enlarged our family .I asked him what to do. Should we get rid of her ? She is now a competent landscape architect eager to improve the man made environment.

Since 2000 this pagan ceremony appears to lose momentum and I do think wise to reprint Julian Simon’s 1995 address “Earth Day: Spiritually Uplifting. Intellectually Debased” Do read this excellent paper and be happy !