Environmental markets: a property rights approach

Environmental MarketsIn a new book – “Environmental Markets” – Terry L. Anderson and Gary D. Libecap explain the prospects of using markets to improve environmental quality and resource conservation. No other book focuses so well on a property rights approach using environmental markets to solve environmental problems. Anderson and Libecap apply this approach to land, water, wildlife, fisheries, and air. The book concludes by discussing tougher environmental problems such as ocean fisheries and the global atmosphere. The book compares a market-based property rights approach with standard approaches to these problems using governmental management, regulation, taxation, and subsidization, emphasizing that neither governmental nor market solutions are a panacea.
Terry Anderson is president of PERC, and co-author of “Free Market Environmentalism”, a famous book first published in 1991 and revised in 1991.
Terry came and spoke at the ICREI International Conference on Water Resources (Aix en Provence, 1998