The End of Doom

The end of doomA great new book ” The end of doom, Environmental renewal in the 21st century” by Ronald Bailey, St Martin Press, 2015, 342 pp.

I met Ron in the 90’s at a dinner in Washington DC with CEI’staff, probably RJ Smith and Fred Smith . We discussed the possibility of shooting a video illustrating his recent book “The true state of the planet” .
Lately I had the pleasure to invite him for lunch in Paris where he attended the COP 21 Conference and he handed me his new book.

On the whole I agree with him but he did not agree Garrett Hardin’s opinion on unchecked immigration , at least in the US context. In addition he do think that climate change is a major issue.

I do think that Gregg Easterbrook’s review will give you the flavor of this excellent book.