A new book by Max Falque

Ouvrage_Falque_2016Max Falque has just published a new book which is clearly non conformist.

As a matter of fact it is a collection of ten major papers he published between 1973 and 2005.

Based on publications by luminaries such as Tocqueville, Bastiat, Hardin, Ostrom, Coase , Baden, Lepage, Anderson, Yandle, Epstein  …Max Falque advocates using property rights and market instruments  as a complement and/or alternative of “command and control”.

Of course all the papers aim at changing the French and European environmental policies based on regulation and several case studies demonstrate that other paths are possible.

Alain Madelin, former minister of Finance and the only French true free market politician wrote a preface on the importance of a new policy combining conservation and liberty.

A second volume , prefaced by Brice Lalonde , former minister of Ecology and past president of the Green Party, will be available in July  2016