Happy Holiday Season


The coming year is an opportunity to change the present environmtal policy based on top down command and control:

As a matter of fact, numerous regulations turn out to be less and less efficient and costly  – not to mention the limitation of liberty they imply.

We’ll emphasize the untapped role of property rights and markets as  a complement and/or alternatives to regulation.

On July 6th and 7th 2016 our 10th International Conference on “Environmental Entrepreneurship” took place ounce more in Aix en Provence. Funding this event was quite difficult and it looks like that more modest meetings are more efficient to pass ideas. The proceedings of the conference are to be published by Bruylant Publishers (Brussels) in collaboration with European Landowners Organisation.

We decided to set up ICREI subsidiaries in Paris and Brussels. In addition we’ll improve our new website icrei.fr with news and extensive bibliography.

We’ll be present and active to push ideas and their implementation for the French Presidential election.

Christian Stoffaès, Predident           Max Falque, Managing Director