25 Myths that are Destroying the Environment

For decades, environmental scientist and conservationist Daniel B. Botkin has studied the world around us. He has traveled the globe observing nature and the human impact on the environment, and now he has collected his keen observations into this accessible and informative book.

25 Myths that are Destroying the Environment – What many environmentalists believe and why they are wrong (Taylor Trade Publishing , 2017) explores the many myths circulating in both ecological and political discussions. These myths often drive policy and opinion, and Botkin is here to set the record straight. What may seem like an environmentally conscious action on one hand may very well be bringing about the unnatural destruction of habitats and ecosystems.

If our society is to sustain the environment around us for future generations, solving environmental problems by understanding how nature works is not just helpful, it’s necessary.

Among 25 myths Topics include:

  • Is life really that fragile?
  • Is mankind the only species responsible for global effects on the environment ?
  • Is extinction unnatural and bad
  • Is consensus science?
  • Are recent weather patterns truly proof of long-term weather change?
  • Are wildfires really all that bad?
  • Are predators absolutely necessary to control populations of other species?
  • Is climate stable without human interference ?
  • Is science based on consensus?
  • Are computer models true ?
  • Are forests important for long term carbon storage
  • Is climate change the major environmental issue?

In a world awash in misleading or false information about the environment, Daniel Botkin has written a straightforward and concise examination of the biggest myths hurting conservation efforts today.

He advances that nature is never stable and the concept of climax and balance are romantic. Accordingly most laws and regulation are inefficient to solve changing problems.

Written in a clear manner, that dissects each myth one by one, 25 Myths That Are Destroying the Environment offers readers an informative guide to navigating discussions on environmental issues.

“Are we we guided by science or by what is fashionable in the media? It is time we kwew that politicians are not scientists, and that even scientists may lack the humility to admit what they cannot control.” (Foreword by A. Runte)

A new roadmap for governments and Greens of all stripes ?

Max Falque