“Environmentalism: the end of illusions”

The reading of this excellent book of Christian Gerondeau, (Le Toucan Publisher , 2012, 300 pp.) is likely to convince those who are hesitant to believe in the reality of climate change and the responsibility for CO2 emissions.

But beyond the central problem of global warming C. Gerondeau discusses the role of the public authorities that he thinks are responsible for “Twenty years of ruinous decisions” concerning transportation, energy, or agriculture…

In addition to the rigour of scientific information, the author denounces the scattering mechanism of an ideology that advocates giving up on freedom, on democracy and on improving the standard of living for the benefit of a global ecological democracy akin to some kind of so called ‘popular democracies’.

Gerondeau accurately describes the central role of late Maurice Strong, an ambiguous character, who was able to mobilize the United Nations and thus to finance thousands of scientists and “green” activists via the IPCC/IPCC.

The fundamental error is to consider CO2 as a pollutant though responsible for the greening of the planet. It is also financially and materially impossible to limit emissions.

He concludes: “the future will view with astonishment the parenthesis of human intelligence that we have just experienced and which will soon close. As for our country, it will not solve its problems and will decay until it has not disowned the Green religion”

Wishful thinking or reality?

Max Falque

N.B. Christian Gérondeau participated in our 7th International Conference “Climate change and air pollution” (Aix en Provence, 2008) as well as Paul Reiter, former IPCC expert and Benny Peiser now director of The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)