Max Falque in the French Rotary Club’s magazine

“Le Rotarien”, the monthly magazine of some 33,000 members of the 1 000 French Rotary clubs has just published (August 2017) an article by Max Falque : “Are Environmental policies against nature?” (Des politiques environnementales contre nature ? in French). The author advocates alternative and/or complementary solutions to countless regulations less and less effective and more and more expensive. Using property rights and market instruments can best contribute to environmental resources management while safeguarding freedom and responsibility of citizens…
Taking the opposite of catastrophism broadcast by the media and politicians alike , the author confirms that the State of the planet is not threatened and that the decline in the price resources since nearly two centuries is a testament to the abundance and justifies a policy of growth to increase the standard of living of the developing countries while improving the environment quality.

The environmental curve of Kuznetz

Kuznets ENG









All ratings highlight the correlation between individual income and the quality of the environment and of course the rule of law. The virtuous turning point is around an annual per capita income of some €10,000, which is the one of more than half of the 180 countries of the world