Wind turbines – The dark side of ecological transition

In a 219-page book (in French), Fabien Bouglé denounces the imposture of the multiplication of wind turbines on the French territory… but also in several European countries.

These enormous, expensive and polluting machines have no other justification than ideology, electioneering and the search for profit denounced in each of the ten chapters:

  1. Polluting and non-recyclable materials
  2. The paradox of carbon emissions
  3. The infrasound or “contaminated wind” scandal.
  4. The animal world in great danger
  5. The new green dictatorship
  6. When the wind turns to money
  7. Threat to employment and tourism
  8. Lobbyists, NGOs, politicians: dangerous links
  9. The wind of corruption
  10. The shadow of Cosa Nostra 

This disastrous and often scandalous policy illustrates to the point of caricature the theory of collusion between traffickers and leagues of virtue developed by Bruce Yandle under the famous title “Bootleggers and Baptists” and which I took up recently under the title: “Are ecologists and big capital one and the same?”

This book denounces the collusion between large NGOs (Greenpeace, WWF, France Nature Environnement, LPO, etc.), political parties (EELV, etc.), industrial groups and governments.

It seems difficult to oppose such a coalition of interests, but this book can contribute to it.

Fabien Bouglé, Éoliennes : la face noire de la transition écologique, Rocher, 2019.