About two major books by French philosopher Serge Audier

Néo-libéralisme (s) une archéologie intellectuelle ( “Neoliberalism: An intellectual archeology”) is a major input to the history of conservative ideas. Its main purpose is to show how ideas percolated on both sides of the Arlanctic with a small group of intellectuals engaged in the Lippman colloquium nd and later in The Mont Pelerin Society. Among some 500 names Americans are especially important (Hayek, von Mises, Friedman…) but Europeans are equally quoted such as Keynes, Einaudi, Ehrard, Hunold, Lepage, Villey, Tocqueville…

For non French speaking scholars I do think that a translation in English of the 57 pp. introduction could help future research.

La société écologique et ses ennemis : pour une histoire alternative de l’émancipation (The Ecological Society and Its Ennemies) La Découverte, 2017, 742 p. describes the failure of progressive ideology to implement a real “Ecological Society” i.e. combining worldwide equality, solidarity and conservation.

I found this book disapointing since it does not mention the accomplishment of Free Market Environmentalism and an other type of ecological society.

Among “enemies” Hardin, Ostrom, De Soto should have been listed as well as Roger Scruton.

Anyway a translation of the 82 pp. Introduction could help understanding the deep socialist intellectual roots which control France…. and its dreams

Max Falque