It looks like that the popular support to this “celebration” is constantly decreasing. It happens that I was present at the University of Pennsylvania on the first anniversary, attending Ian McHarg ‘s studio.(Ian was the key speaker at Fairmont Park Rallye on April 20th 1970). One of my fellow student wore the then popular badge “Stop at two” Then the father of 2 plus an infant girl I asked him if I should send her to Delaware !?
message (see below) does fit ICREI’s objectives i.e. that “Command and Control” is no longer the solution but the problem and that property rights and markets are often better institutions than regulation to solve both the environment and liberty….A very difficult message to advocate in France! Max Falque. Dear Max Today is Earth Day and, for most folks, it’s a day to celebrate environmental regulations, cuts to energy production, and other wealth-reducing policies aimed at protecting the environment from humanity. But the truth is that economic freedom and prosperity actually improve environmental quality! When we look across different countries, we find a strong correlation between standards of living and treatment of the environment. Freer countries are wealthier countries and wealthier countries are healthier in terms of water quality, air quality, and most every environmental indicator. As someone who follows PERC’s work, you already know this. I am writing today to ask that you consider investing in our work and help us spread this message that “wealthier is healthier” to even more people. If we don’t, we will likely face more regulations, taxes, and restrictions that limit economic freedom and threaten environmental quality.   Reed Watson, President