A third way between the State and the market: discussions with Elinor Ostrom

Following the trip in France of Elinor Ostrom’strip to France, the authors recorded the eachings of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics, from her direct interaction with the public. This book is  a critique of conventional economic theories and a renewal effort of thinking in social sciences. Elinor Ostrom developed through her work and experiences an alternative to the State and the market, with desirable trajectories for social and ecological systems. She identified the conditions of cooperation between individuals within groups and organizations in management situations ranging from natural resources to the climate, knowledge to genes, etc. These are essential contributions on the work of Elinor Ostrom, not known enough in the scientific literature in French language.

This book is for a French speaking audience, concerned with reflecting on and to committing to new relationships between men and nature.

It comes from exchanges of Elinor Ostrom with the public at a lecture at Montpellier University.

Coord. Mr. Antona, F. Bousquet
Ed. Quae, 2017

The contribution of the research of Elinor Ostrom was familiar to us because in 1998 we had invited her to our first conference “Property rights, economy and the environment” (Dalloz, 2000). She could not come and asked us to invite one of her assistants, William Blomquist.

In each of our 10 Conference we presented the theses of Elinor and in 2012, a few months before her death, she had agreed to be patron with Hernando De Soto of our ninth conference “Property rights , economics and environment: Agriculture and Forestry”(Bruylant, 2014)

Max Falque