Re-arm common sense

This is a major book, which despite a disappointing presentation due to self-publishing, should know a great success and be translated into English.

Written by a scientist it makes available to the non specialist informations necessary for the understanding of the deformation of the most false and dangerous environmental policies for humanity. Less controversial than an urgent call for common sense!

 Max Falque

During the development of modern times, especially with the industrialization and global exchange, the impact that human activity could have on the environment has emerged, sometimes occupying pr way. Screw-in a disillusionment vis à-vis science and techniques spread so, as if society had inevitably to be guilty of irreparable ecological imbalances, any idea of progress and questioned.

Yet one must realize that never in its history mankind has been so prosperous. The causes and motivations of activisms that aggregate all the criticism of human action are multiple and mutually reinforcing. There are primitive fears, eschatological issues, ideology of domination questions, as well as plain but powerful desire of power grabbing, culminating now with the call to world governance detached from the ordinary people. Abandonment of rationality offers these movements to thrive with post-modern society that, in recent decades, abandoned common sense to submit to new dogmas advocated by “intellectuals” and media. Refuting these concepts is at the risk of getting silenced and banned as heretic. Facing this huge wave it is high time to rearm our reason.

Rougemont(de) Michel, Dr. Sc/PhD, is an independent consultant. By its activities in fine chemicals and agriculture he is confronted, without fearing them, to many ideologues of the environment.