Response to radical environmentalism

Response to radical environmentalism : “How knowledge makes it possible to refute sustained fears”. Under the direction of Christian Buson. Preface by Claude Allègre. This collective work paves the way for a new vision: the introduction of science in the service of environmental management and the refusal of to take for granted the propaganda of the powerful environmental associations preaching catastrophism in order to arouse fear and justify the demand for donations from people and rulers who cannot remain insensitive to the word of order without appeal ” Save the planet. “

In addition to the preface by Claude Allègre, you’ll find 20 papers of scientists concerning the relations of Greens to agriculture, health, climate…

In conclusion “the worst is not certain, knowledge is useful and frees us from unfounded fears”

Max Falque

«Facing misinformation obtained by the repetition of the “ready-to-think ecologiy” and its widespread penetration in schools, from kindergarten to higher education, and in our regulations, this book proposes a beginning of critical and clear answers. It is high time to abandon the religion of environmentalism and incantatory declamations to turn to the sciences of environment and health»