Who killed ecology?

The title of this book (Who killed ecology ?) sums up its goal: this is a pamphlet well documented and well written by seasoned journalist that denounces the practices and the objectives of the major “green” associations. Limited to the French situation this analysis probably does fit many nations.

Hypocrisy and money too often distort a just cause and oppose in fact effective reforms which could jeopardize a ‘progressive’ politically correct ideology

A book not to put in the hands of millions of supporting do gooders and useful idiots, mostly modest,

Max Falque

“This book is going to hurt, because it describes what has become green institutions: golden rooms, delicate meals, group photos in front of official palaces. This book is going to hurt, because it reveals for the first time in history, the stories behind the scenes. We can read it as a true romance, a polar relentless, filled with characters as amazing as Anton Rupert, one of the real founders of WWF International. But far beyond, the indictment vets the “four gangs” which let himself be deceived by the Wiles and smiles of the French major politicians such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Louis Borloo and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

. Certainly, there are many differences between the WWF, Greenpeace Hulot Foundation and France Nature environment (FNE). But in total, the balance sheet is a disaster. While the same claim that the planet is in distress – and it is-, they prefer compromise, Pats on the back and decorations. “Who killed the ecology?” does not ask a question, but answers. The book was written by an ecologist engaged for decades in the struggle for life on Earth. It calls for a burst of historical, only able to help us cope with the environmental crisis that happens. That is already there. It is a cry of hope. And a major appeal. »