Best wishes for 2019

Our association, founded in 1992, has experienced financial difficulties in recent years that have hampered its development and even threatened its existence.

Our research for a new leadership, initiated in 2014, is about to succeed: Christian Buson, PhD in agronomy, founder-president of an environmental research and studies bureau, has agreed to assume the presidency of the ICREI.

Of course Christian Stoffaès and Max Falque will always be at the side of the new president and his office who will implement the recommendations of three working groups: legal, economic, scientific.

In 2018 ICREI participated in several symposia and seminars, published several articles and completed the drafting of its new book “Environment: the time of the entrepreneur” under the direction of Max Falque, Jean-Pierre Chamoux and Erwan Quiennec who will be in bookstores in February 2019

Recent events highlight the need to adopt new environmental policies, as the only regulatory solutions prove to be less efficient, more expensive and more restrictive.

ICREI, with the concepts it has developed since 1992 and the publication of twelve books, will play the role of a think tank able to formulate this new environmental policy.

So a happy new year to all and long life to our association to continue its fight to combine Liberty, Environment and Economic Progress.

We are counting on you !

Christian Stoffaès, President, future non-executive President

Max Falque, General Delegate, future Vice President

Christian Buson, future President