About ideas that spoil our living: food, climate, progress, ecology

At last a loud and clear message against the nonsense theory of political deep ecology advocating a radical change of social institutions i.e.: de-growth, tyranny, poverty, Malthusianism, catastrophism, hate of humanity, Co2 free economy …. on behalf of global warming, biodiversity and Gaia.
Sylvie Brunel
The author, Sylvie Brunel has a large experience in world geography and development. She held top positions in quango organizations such as Action contre la faim and Medecins du Monde. She authored several books on agriculture and development.
This new book is a timely response to propaganda and hysteria, which unite politicians, media, big corporations and some influent NGOs in order to grab power and set up some kind of Orwellian society.

I do think that this book should be published in English for a world coverage in order to bring back political ecology to common sense.

Max Falque