Deep ecology, a new totalitarianism?

Thierry Godefredi , Belgian philosopher and lawyer just published a new
book “Ecologisme: un nouveau totalitarisme?” (Textquis Publisher, 175  pp. 9 € – “Deep ecology, a new totalitarianism”)
The author’s paramount interrogation is should deep ecology inplies
abandoning individual liberty and democracy ?
Of course Communism  is  responsible for mass murder but put the
liberation of mankind as a major goal. Deep ecology is only concerned
with Nature, Planet and a non entity Gaia.
Hans Jonas the German intellectual leader of deep ecology declared in
1992 that  saving the planet and indivudual liberty are not compatible.
Godefredi thinks that climate warming hysteria is only a mean to control
freedom and   quotes Lindzen “If you control carbon, you control life”
and he concludes that in order to reduce 95% of anthropogenic CO2
emissions  to save Gaia you have to divide population by ten. The final
solution ?
Beware deep ecology which aims at destroying civilisation !