“We are deceiving you enormously”

Review of the latest essay of Thierry Godefridi (in French): “We are deceiving you enormously: political ecology is a mystification”

This small 137-page book is the result of a politically incorrect reflection by an author who elegantly and culturally denounces the untruths, naiveties and lies of fashionable political ecology.

The demonstration, at the limit of the pamphlet, is presented in eleven short chapters:

  1. “Just because many are wrong doesn’t mean they are right.”
  2. The truth if I inform
  3. What about  climate emergency
  4. The paradox of green energy
  5. Wind turbines: symbol the energy transition
  6. A red thread in the green movement
  7. Environmentalists do not have a monopoly on sustainable development.
  8. Emerging from growth
  9. With the greens as the new reds
  10. Should we believe the IPCC or the IPCC?
  11. Ideology and social control

In conclusion, the author wonders whether “if we are not witnessing the establishment of a new system of social control by an elite political, media, financial and legal complex whose plan is to instill fear in the population under the pretext of protecting it and, in other words, if we are not witnessing, before our very eyes, the advent of an ecological dictatorship”.

Communism and Nazism, deadly utopias, have proved to be the worst enemies of intelligence and have succeeded in transforming the majority into a totality and imposing their dogma on the non-party.

The worst is not always sure, but the years to come are full of dangers. May this essay contribute “to the struggle for the very existence of the world and of humanity”.

Thierry Godefridi, On vous trompe énormément — L’écologie politique est une mystification, Palingénésie, 2020.