Capitalism and Climate Change

Capitalism and climate change

The student organisation British Conservation Alliance held an online webinar on 28th April 2020, entitled: “Capitalism and Climate Change — How Markets Can Protect the Environment”. The event was co-hosted by the Vienna-based Austrian Economic Center. The panel was composed of: Daniel Hannan, former Member of the European Parliament and founding president of the Initiative Read more about Capitalism and climate change[…]

Paul Mentré

Paul Mentré, builder of the French nuclear rent

Christian Stoffaës, President Emeritus of ICREI, pays tribute to Paul Mentré (1935-2020). This high-ranking civil servant was an alumni of both Polytechnique and ENA and a member of the prestigious General Inspection of Finances, He served President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing as his general delegate for energy in the 1970s: In this position, he was in Read more about Paul Mentré, builder of the French nuclear rent[…]

Are ecologists and big capital one and the same?

In France’s Revue des Deux Mondes, Max Falque questions the unnatural coalition between environmental activists and big business that supports environmental regulation. He quotes the analysis of Bruce Yandle in his famous article “On Bootlegers and Baptists”. The American economist drew a parallel with the de facto alliance between criminals and righteous leagues to close Read more about Are ecologists and big capital one and the same?[…]

“France should not inadvertently divorce from nuclear power.”

Christian Stoffaës, President Emeritus of the ICREI, points out in an op-ed in Le Monde the slippery slope that French government’s decisions are taking concerning the nuclear industry: The nuclear option, an emblematic legacy of the old world, has not yet asserted its place in the new world. Beyond words, however, several decisions taken during Read more about “France should not inadvertently divorce from nuclear power.”[…]

Sir Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton: “Activate the right motives of people”

In January 2012, Sir Roger Scruton gave a conference about his book: “Green Philosophy: How to think seriously about the planet” (Atlantic Books, 2012). The talk was hosted in London by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). In the below extract of the talk, the speaker discusses environmental consciousness Read more about Roger Scruton: “Activate the right motives of people”[…]

Journal des libertés, n° 5, été 2019

“Regulate ecology through freedom”

In the Journal des libertés [full article in French], researcher Erwan Queinnec makes a plea in favour of free market environmentalism. In a summary article, the author gives a rigorous overview of the possible policy responses to the environmental issue. He first summarizes the dominant thought on the subject: Isn’t the environment the great victim Read more about “Regulate ecology through freedom”[…]